Our Philosophy

  • Know the client
  • Match investments with the client's long term goals and needs
  • Pay taxes only when appropriate
  • Incorporate estate planning in the investment plan

Financial issues are rarely simple in today's world. Every client's investment portfolio is unique and based on the opportunities they have encountered. They may use many different investment vehicles and face multiple areas of taxation. Income needs and family structures will differ, as will investment goals and the clients' desire to pass on assets to subsequent generations. It is too simplistic to try to fit clients into a “one size fits a multitude” solution.

To appropriately advise a client, I need to be able to see the individual's financial situation in its entirety, with all the overlapping issues and complications. Understanding our clients objectives and goals and the “whole” picture allows us to fit investment vehicles and strategies to the clients' needs, point out opportunities to diversify their investment portfolios to help control risk, and to assist them in getting where they want to go. Remember that diversification does not assure a profit and may not reduce risk in an overall declining market environment.  Our process allows us the opportunity to gather the knowledge we need about you to determine when new opportunities might work or when tax law changes could adversely impact your situation.

Many of our investment strategies look at ways to minimize the investor's tax burden. We believe that any time you can defer taxes, you gain leverage to potentially generate greater gains from your portfolio or to take less risk in your investments and still theoretically achieve your financial goals. We strive to always work within the tax code, while still seeking to protect the earning power of our clients' assets.

Experience has given me  insight into the importance of incorporating estate planning early in the financial planning process. Decisions as simple as how to title ownership of an asset can make a tremendous difference in minimizing estate taxes and settlement costs years later, and in assuring that your assets are distributed as you wish.
In my practice, I work with many different areas to be able to fully service my clients' needs from equity management, tax strategies, advanced insurance and complicated real estate transactions. Over the years, I've developed a network of knowledgeable professionals and staff I work closely with which is essential in order to provide our clients with quality, day-to-day services.
I am very proud of the staff at Tweed Financial. They are people who want to be part of a firm that keeps the best interests of its clients foremost and goes the extra mile. In building the Tweed staff, I have focused on recruiting people unique in implementing strategies and servicing our clients in the many different areas of financial planning in which we work.  I believe you will enjoy working with them and discovering how we can help you in your quest to achieve your goals.

Rusty Tweed