Do you know your options when it comes to using life insurance to protect your family? If you require long-term care later in life, how will those costs be met?

Life Insurance Strategies
Insurance can offer both a guaranteed return and a tax-free return that can be used for many purposes to protect your family. In addition to providing financial support to your family in the event of your death, insurance can provide liquidity for your heirs to deal with major tax issues that occur when settling an estate and other issues that may arise after your death.

With insurance rates dramatically dropping over the past decade, in many cases, we can replace your existing insurance with more coverage for the same cost or at a reduced cost for the same coverage.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Increasing life expectancies for today's retirees also mean a greater chance that you or your spouse will require long-term care at some point in your life. Given the cost of quality care, long-term coverage is an important consideration for everyone.

Tweed Financial Services is one of the few financial planning firms in the area to have a full-time specialist in the area of long-term care. We can help you analyze coverage options and cost comparisons to find the find a plan that's right for your situation.


A full range of annuity products are available through our firm, including recent annuity innovations offered by the insurance companies. In fact, a special focus of Tweed Financial is keeping abreast of continual modifications in annuity offerings. For many of our clients, annuities offer features and guarantees not available in regular equities. Often investing at least a portion of your portfolio in annuities can give you a peace of mind regarding your retirement income, due to the guarantees they can offer.


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