Estate Planning

Do you know how much will be left of your estate after state and federal taxes and probate and legal costs? Have you put a plan in place to maximize the value of your estate for your heirs?

If your estate is worth more than $2,000,000 and you leave it to someone other than your spouse, estate planning is essential to assure that your assets go to the heir(s) you have designated, in a timely manner and with minimal impact from estate taxes, probate costs and other expenses.

Tweed Financial can help analyze the impact of taxes on your estate and assist you in developing strategies to minimize taxes and assure a smooth, timely transfer of assets to your heirs. Our firm has also partnered with several attorneys to assist you in establishing trusts needed to protect your estate, including the following:

  • Living Trusts - a critical tool for real estate investors.
  • Life Insurance Trusts - a specialized trust needed to hold title to life insurance that is purchased for estate planning purposes.
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts - the preferred vehicle for liquidating a major asset, receiving a current tax deduction and income, and leaving a sizeable gift to a charity of your choosing.
  • Private Foundations - used to remove assets from your estate and leave a legacy for your family to manage for future generations.


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